Ayahuasca Visions: Transforming into a Lion of Fire

I found myself in a canyon at night, the ground was hard beneath me, and there were rock walls and boulders around me. In the unfamiliar territory I sense the approach of another being, the being that radiated magnificence and masculine nobility. around me. In the unfamiliar territory I sense the approach of another being, the being that radiated fiery magnificence and masculine grace. I could see a red, orange golden glow approaching me, and again I felt the urge to kneel as a being of a true divine nobility that we will never know on this Earth, approached me. Soon we found ourselves face to face and I was completed immobilized by awe. I saw in front of me a fiery lion, with a mane of flames – what a beautiful beast he was! And then he stepped forward and merged with my astral body.

Now I was looking out of his eyes at the dark canyon around me. My body felt strong and virile, as I flexed my muscles. With every step I took with my big, powerful paws, the ground singed beneath me. I was a furnace of feline power and grace.

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About Lorna Liana

Lorna Liana is a new media strategist and lifestyle business coach to visionary entrepreneurs. She travels the world while running her business as a digital nomad. Lorna's boutique agency provides “done for you” web design, development and online marketing services for social ventures, sustainable brands, transformational coaches and new paradigm thought leaders. She is also a personal development junkie, and 20 year practitioner of shamanism, with extensive training in Tibetan Bon Shamanism and the ayahuasca traditions of the Amazon Basin. A self-professed ayahuasca snob and perennial ayahuasca tourist, Lorna has been drinking ayahuasca since 2004. She's been in approximately 150 ayahuasca ceremonies (from terrible to fantastic), and tasted wide variety of ayahuasca brews (from awful to exquisite). Her ayahuasca experience spans 30+ different shamans and facilitators, 7 indigenous tribes, several Brazilian churches, and a host of neo-shamanic circles, in Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Europe, the US, and Asia. Through this widely-varied background, she hopes to shed some perspective on the globalization of ayahuasca.

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