Manifest Faster Through the Power of Alignment

Do you wish you could manifest the things you deeply desire in life, more quickly? And most importantly, with ease and grace?

Have you ever felt that there were times when all you had to do was think of something you wished for, and it showed up in your life as if you placed a direct order with the Universe?

And other times, it feels like pushing the river just to meet accomplish your goals?

One of the things that you will discover with sacred plant medicines is how they will attune you to energy. The energy of other people. The energy of human interactions. The energy of Nature. Your own energy.

The key to manifesting faster lies in your own energetic vibration. The tuning rod of your energetic vibration is your alignment.

As our modern lives become increasingly technological, urban and filled with distractions, it’s easy to forget that we are part of the living planet, connected to the web of life, and completely whole and perfect exactly the way we are. The illusion of separation that is the dis-ease of modern humanity causes us to be oblivious to or deliberately ignore the communication that is coming through from your Soul, from Nature, and from the Universe at all times.

When you are in a disconnected state, it’s hard to know what your purpose is, let alone how to fulfill it. Even if you know what your purpose is, if you are out of alignment, life feels overwhelming and getting things done can be frustrating.

If life feels overwhelming, the best thing you can do is to get back in alignment – alignment with your Soul, alignment with Nature, and alignment with the Universe. This is a much more efficient use of your energy than paddling upriver through the sheer power of your will.

How to Unlock Manifestation with 3 Cosmic Energy Alignments



In order to unlock the abundance of the Universe, you must align your personal energy center with elemental Earth energy and archetypal Universal energy. Alignment is actually quite easy; you will accomplish so much more in a state of Flow and synchronicity than through the battering ram approach, which will simply exacerbate misery and exhaustion.

  1. Alignment with Your Soul. The best way to reconnect with your Soul is to reconnect with your heart; the best way to reconnect with your heart is to get back into your body. The best way to get back into your body is through movement, like ecstatic dance or yoga. End your movement session with a prayer for yourself and humanity. This will take you right back to your heart, and through connecting with physically connecting with the elements.
  2. Alignment with Earth. Our disconnection with Nature is what creates this illusion of separation. The good news is, it’s easy to re-establish your connection with Nature by simply connecting to the elements. The best way to connect with the elements is to feel the elements. Connect with water by immersing yourself in a bath. Connect with fire by spending time in a sauna or in front of a fireplace. Walk barefoot in a park to connect with the earth. Breathe deeply and feel the air caress your body.
  3. Alignment with the Universe. Alignment with the Universe is both subtle and powerful. It’s subtle because it has everything to do with our energetic vibration. If we are disconnected, it’s easy to be unaware that we are carrying a negative vibration through complaining or believing a scarcity story about ourselves. It’s powerful, because it is the archetypal realm governed by Universal Laws and containing the purest expressions of love, compassion, justice, wisdom, truth and joy. The easiest way to get in alignment with the Universe is through gratitude practice and intention-setting with archetypal principles in mind.

The Secret to Getting Into Alignment, Even When You Feel Bent Out of Shape

If you are feeling bent out of shape, powering on using the sheer power of your will is not an efficient use of your energy, and can lead to burn out. Do these 3 things to get back into alignment quickly.

  1. Center Into Your Heart. This may also involve getting into your body. A great way to quickly do this is to dance ecstatically to your favorite music. Heart-opening yoga exercises will also work. Or hop into a sauna or bath.
  2. Practice Gratitude. Gratitude magnetizes abundance. Gratitude is a resource magnet that attracts favorable allies and circumstances needed to accomplish your goals. Simply feeling gratitude for the blessings you have in life, rather than focusing on all the things you don’t have, will change your vibration from lack to abundance. This shift in energy will attract more abundance and support.
  3. Set a Positive Intention. Intention-setting directs the Flow of Universal energy towards your desired outcome. When your actions are motivated from a place of service with an intention to serve a greater good, Flow activates in your favor, so that you are carried by the river of life, rather than paddling against it. If your motivation is primarily selfish, i.e. “what’s in it for me?” then it will take more of your personal energy, and willpower to get things done. Make it a practice to examine the intentions behind your actions, align them with a higher archetypal principle, and orient them towards the accomplishment of Greater Good.

How Personal Congruence Acts Conducts the Flow of Energy


Now that you’re aware of the different nodes of alignment, what connects the Earth, You, and the Universe is your personal congruence. Think of it as the power line that connects Earth, the infinite source of creative energy, you, and the Universe – the boundless realm of possibility.

What is congruence?

Congruence refers to when 2 or more things agree with or are in harmony with each other. Common nodes of congruence are:

  • Your intention and your actions
  • What you say and what you do
  • How you present yourself to the world, and how you really are
  • What you do, and how you show up

Any time there is a gap in congruence – say a gap between what you say, and what you do – the connection between Earth energy and Universal energy, will be ruptured or unstable. You will have to lean on your own finite energy reserve to accomplish goals, and accomplishing your goals will feel more exhausting. The most efficient way to combat this is to look at where you are incongruent, and correct this.

6 Things That Fuel the Flames of Manifestation

  1. Love. The most powerful creative force in the Universe.
  2. Joy. The most powerful amplifying force in the Universe.
  3. Abundance. The Universe is abundant and infinitely giving.
  4. Equanimity. The sincere desire that all beings be happy and free.
  5. Visualization. Visualization of that which you desire in your mind’s eye every day.
  6. Non-attachment. Being free from attachment to the way in which your desired outcome shows up in your life.

Manifestation Journal

What is it that you deeply desire for yourself that you are struggling to manifest?


What actions do you need to take in order to have this?


What do you think is in the way of you having this? Write down 3 obstacles.


When you think about these challenges, what emotions come up for you?

Write down every negative thought and emotion that comes up.


If you were to wave a magic wand and have your desired outcome, how would it feel for you?

Write down every positive thought and emotion that comes up.


Your Reflections on Alignment

What do you think might be out of alignment in the way you are pursuing your desired goal?

Is your intention oriented towards self-gain rather than towards a greater good? Do your actions come from a place of love and joy, or a place of resentment and anger? Is the narrative around your goal based in scarcity or abundance?


What needs to change in order to shift your alignment?

How might you reframe intention, change your narrative, or shift your emotional energy?


What do you think might be out of congruence in the way you are living your life?

Is there a gap between the way you present yourself to the world, and the true you? Is there anything about your narrative that might not be truly authentic?


What needs to change in order for you to be more congruent?

Is there anything that you may have said or done that wasn’t truly honest that needs to be corrected? What changes do you need to make to become more a more authentic presence in the world?


What actions do you commit to taking this week to align with your Soul, Nature, or the Universe?

Schedule in some self-care time, or a nature walk.


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