‘Oso Blanco’ Medicine Song Lyrics & Music Video by Diana Carr

This version of the sublime medicine circle song Oso Blanco by Bóveda Celeste is sung by Diana Carr of the Birds in Paradise by the Bird Tribe music collective. Other artists in the song include Brian Taylor on guitar, Danny Pritchett on bass, and Tëté Bero, Sunny Solwind, and David Daniel Brown on percussion. The song lyrics transmit the ineffable quality of sacred medicine visions, in all their mystery, describing the mariri induced vision of a white bear with condor wings and the look of a jaguar.

Check out the video, featuring the band and beautiful jungle nature scenes.

‘Oso Blanco’ Letras en Español

En este camino rumbo a la selva
Me he encontrado un pajarillo sonajero
Que inspirado en el vuelo águila encontró en su corazón
Este canto que brota del alma aquí y ahora

Pajarillo sonajero encontraste en la visión
A un oso blanco con alas de cóndor y mirada de jaguar

Entre lazos mariri las plumas del águila y del cóndor
Donde caen las gotas del cielo que hoy fecundan la semilla

En este camino rumbo a la selva
Me he encontrado un corazón sonajero

“Oso Blanco” Medicine Song Lyrics in English

On this path
Towards the jungle
I found a little bird rattle
That inspired by the flight of the eagle found in his heart
This song that springs from the soul, here and now

Little bird rattle that you found in the vision
of a white bear with condor wings
and the look of a jaguar

Between the binds of mariri
The feathers of the eagle and the condor,
Where the drops of the sky rain down
and today fertilize the seed

On this path towards the jungle
I encountered a little heart rattle

Where to Buy Oso Blanco

Oso Blanco can be purchased online on Bandcamp. If you want to add this song to your collection, simply click on the “buy” button on the embed below.

About Birds in Paradise

Birds in Paradise is a contemporary music album which was cross-culturally inspired by indigenous traditional & shamanic ceremony music. This features original music and collaborations from a stellar constellation of artists including Tony Moss, Sunny Solwind, Miranda Rondeau, Shireen Jarrahian, David Danile Brown, Diana Carr, Tëté Bero, with featured guest Emily Elbert, Úyanga Bold and LuvAmp Project.


We produce interactive, celebratory, community-building, and ceremonial events to open hearts and connect us with the world and each other.

As we see it, most, if not all, of the world’s current challenges stem, fundamentally, from a lack of connection – to the world and each other. Our events combine aspects of traditional indigenous ceremony and wisdom with modern technology, creating contemporary ceremonial experiences that re-establish a sense of connection. In our experience, the combining of traditional/indigenous and modern transformational technologies is a powerful and necessary contribution towards bringing forth a thriving, just, and sustainable world.

I.AM.LIFE was founded in 2012 by Tony Moss who while driving one day, had a sudden visceral epiphany about the profound truth of our interconnectivity. That it wasn’t just an intellectual or lofty concept. But a necessary felt-experience for humanity: the reality and truth that we are not metaphorically, but literally connected to all things. That we are, in fact, life. With that, I.AM.LIFE, with the help of members of the Pachamama Alliance, was born.

Since then, I.AM.LIFE, a non-profit under the umbrella of Empowerment Works has developed and presents numerous events and workshops that combine life-affirming art, music & media to create immersive, transformational experiences of interconnectivity. We create and nurture connections with the natural world, each other, and indigenous peoples to support a more thriving, just, and sustainable world.

Where to Find I.AM.LIFE

To experience the medicine music of this high-vibe music collective, check out I.AM.LIFE community events.
I.AM.LIFE Website
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