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Full-spectrum CBD extract has been shown to help with inflammation, anxiety, stress and craving management, peaceful sleep, enhancing memory, maximizing feelings of wellness and minimizing feelings of discomfort.

Right now my favorite CBD practice is to take a tincture of CBD oil, with melatonin, and Kava Kava extract right before bed and I’m out like a light in 15 minutes and submerged into a full nights worth of deep restful sleep.

While I personally prefer CBD oil derived from cannabis (which contains THC), sadly, because of global prohibition, you can only buy this kind of CBD in locales where recreational marijuana is legal, or in locales where you can access legal medical marijuana products with a medical marijuana license.

Which means for everyone else, the best option to experience the health benefits of CBD is to buy CBD oil derived from hemp. Now, buying hemp CBD oil can be really tricky. Here’s why:

  1. A lot of hemp-derived CBD oil is sourced from industrial hemp, from producers in China, which is responsible for 70% of the world’s output. Since this hemp is produced for industrial uses, it was never meant for human consumption. Furthermore, if the hemp is produced in a country with fewer environmental and health safety protections, the risk of toxic contamination is much higher.
  2. Hemp-derived CBD is a co-product or byproduct secondary market that is mostly unregulated. It’s a secondary market because farmers producing hemp primarily for industrial purposes can now make additional money selling unused hemp biomass to a business that wants to extract CBD from the leftovers. Industrial hemp biomass is often tainted with residues of pesticides, as well as toxic solvents that are used to extract the CBD… and there is no regulatory agency oversight to ensure that CBD oil byproducts are safe for humans to consume.

For this reason, if you don’t have a medical marijuana card, and you want to use CBD oil for health and wellness (be it to uplift your mood, calm stress and anxiety, reduce inflammation, or sleep better) it’s important you make sure that the hemp-derived CBD oil you buy is sourced from organic hemp, produced ideally in the US or Canada.

Buying Hemp-Derived CBD Can Be Also Expensive

Because I live in Spain, it’s incredibly difficult to legally buy cannabis-derived CBD products. While there are thousands of cannabis clubs in Spain, ranging from hole-in-the-wall ghetto to upper-crust swanky, as I visited the top cannabis clubs of the 200+ clubs in Barcelona, I discovered, to my dismay, that there simply aren’t a lot of cannabis products .

Why is this?

This is because personal drug use is decriminalized in Spain. Personal cannabis use, including group use in a private, shared environment, is decriminalized… but not legal.

And with medical marijuana only recently legal in states like Catalonia, the marijuana product market is still barely nascent.

What is more widely available from a retail perspective is CBD oil derived from hemp. And hooboy, hemp-derived CBD can be more expensive than cannabis-derived CBD in medical marijuana dispensaries.

Why is this?

Simply put, marijuana resin contains far more CBD in it than hemp plants. So extracting CBD oil requires way more hemp biomass than marijuana biomass.

Why Buy Purium Full-Spectrum CBD Oil (at a $50 Discount)?

Purium CBD is one of the best options available for high-quality, organic, hemp-derived, full-spectrum CBD oil. It’s a great option for those of you who:

  • Want to be sure that the hemp used is organic, and that no toxic chemicals were used in the extraction of CBD oil.
  • Want to experience the benefits of CBD oil, but don’t live in legal recreational or medical marijuana locales.
  • Want to have CBD product shipped to you, rather than going to a medical marijuana dispensary for in-store purchase, especially if you live in a locale where there is no medical cannabis delivery service. Because shipping cannabis is still considered to be a Federal crime in the US.
  • Want to order CBD oil for a loved one, and have it mailed to their doorstep, without breaking the law.
  • Get high quality CBD, for the lowest possible price, including free shipping!

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, this premium CBD oil is not yet shipping to Canada, Nebraska, Kansas.


A premium bottle of Purium CBD, which contains 30 servings normally retails for $129.

With this $50 gift card, you can get it for $79.


And if it doesn’t work out for you, no problem. There is a 60-day money back guarantee.

The only catch is that the purchase process could be more streamlined.

In brief, what you need to do is this:

  • FIRST you have to go to the product storefront to create an account. It won’t let you buy the product if you are not logged into your account.
  • AFTER account registration, you have to return to the product storefront and login to your account to buy your CBD oil.
  • Be sure to redeem your $50 discount, by using the coupon code ENTHEO


How to Buy Purium CBD Oil with a $50 Discount Coupon Code

To get the $50 discount, please follow these step-by-step instructions:

1.  Go the the Purium CBD+ website at or by clicking on this link.

2. Click on the “BUY NOW” button.

3. Click on the top right of the CBD+ page, where it says “Sign In”.

4. On the next page, click on the right box with the blue button: “Create Account”.

5. Enter the $50 gift card code: ENTHEO. Click the ‘SUBMIT’ button.

6. Then enter your name, email, phone (optional), and create a password.

Remember the password, because you’ll be re-entering it in just another minute.

Click ‘SUBMIT’.

Registration confirmation will be sent to your email.

7. Now that you’ve successfully created your account, you must now go back to, or click on this link.

Click the green “BUY NOW” button again.

8. Choose one of the product options on the page. Click “Add to Cart”.


9. Once you ‘Add to Cart’, click for a second time on ‘Sign In’ on the upper right corner, and log in.

10. Now you’ll go to “My Account, Smart Order” again, but this time, there will be a blue banner on the top of the page that says, “We are redirecting you back to PuriumCBD, this will only take a couple seconds.

Please wait a couple of seconds.

11. Now you’re almost there! You’re now on the CBD+ order page, and your $50 discount is now loaded into the checkout.

Now click on the SHOPPING CART ICON on the upper right corner.


12. When your shopping cart window pops upon, click the button ‘Go to Checkout’.

13. Complete the checkout process. On the right side you’ll see the $50 discount registered in the total.

Click “Place Order” to complete your purchase!

Hooray, you made it!'

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