How to Grow Your Sacred Business Using Plant Medicines with Shereen Sun

Plant medicines can give us visionary insights into our purpose on the planet. But how can we create an effective business plan from these abstract experiences? Business coach Shereen Sun explains her process of discovery…

As a trained teacher, creativity expert, business coach, healer, and intuitive, Shereen Sun possesses a mix of skills which she uses to help her clients grow their businesses in a way that feels aligned with who they are and what they want in life.

Not to be mistaken for your average business coach, Shereen helps her clients awaken their innate creative power and sacred purpose through understanding their unique elemental archetypes. In this interview, available in full below, Shereen shares with Lorna the impact plant medicines have had on her discovery of her inner purpose, and how we may leverage the insights gained from mystical experiences to help us grow our business into a sacred enterprise.

Shereen explains the typical course of her business coaching. The first step is to figure out for yourself what your soul purpose is: what are you here on this planet for? Then the process becomes about seeing the potential value of your contributions to the world, so you can afford to keep doing the work!

When it comes to understanding your soul purpose, plant medicines can be extremely useful. The clarity and insight we can receive from plant medicines can make people totally change their career paths. However, the difficult work after a plant medicine ceremony is to make that vision a reality!

Shereen suggests looking for every opportunity in everyday life to make your reality come more into alignment with your plant medicine vision. She also highly recommends exploring mentorship, and finding a good coach or guide to help you learn more about your chosen path.

Growing your online audience is also an important step in building your sacred business. Shereen offers some advice on marketing yourself online, including developing a spirit of collaboration rather than competition! Being in a place of generosity and support is becoming more and more important in online business. 

Similarly, Shereen explains how the future of business is going to depend on making connections with marginalized groups and voices. Politically and socially aware businesses are the ones that will become the most relevant in the future, and it’s good to put energy into promoting or amplifying marginalized voices.

In this interview, you’ll discover:

  • Why tapping into creativity should be a top priority of any entrepreneur and how to do it
  • How to reconcile the investments needed for going after your dreams with an unstable economy and an uncertain future of the practical reality
  • Which marketing channels and pathways are valuable for growing your audience and scaling your sacred business

About Shereen Sun

Shereen first answered her call to purpose through art and activism, teaching art education in inner-city schools. She later founded a non-profit called Green Seed Arts to facilitate personal empowerment, community building, and social justice. Along the way, she discovered that combining your soul’s calling with personal fulfilment and financial freedom can allow you to serve both yourself and the world.

Shereen has been an educator and creativity expert for over a decade. She currently works to empower and strategically support women who are tired of the same old marketing tactics and want sustainable business growth that feels aligned and authentic.

Aside from her work as a coach, teacher, healer, and creativity catalyst, she loves to paint, write songs, work on her book, sit in sacred circle with friends, take action toward social justice, and meditate in the Joshua Tree sunshine.

Find Shereen on IG @radiantwildheart or join her FB group: Wildheart entrepreneurs

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