Sacred Commerce in Action with Rowan Gabrielle & Ayman Sawaf

Business and spirituality are often considered polar opposites – impossible to fully commit to one without rejecting the other. Here, entrepreneurs Rowan Gabrielle and Ayman Sawaf talk about ‘sacred commerce,’ and how it’s possible to develop a spiritually growthful business.

Ayman Sawaf and Rowan Gabrielle are the co-authors of Sacred Commerce, a book about the history and mystery of commerce and its connection to spirituality. The entrepreneurial couple has spent 25 years building innovative and disruptive companies all over the world in the realm of education, media, and commerce. They are now focusing on sharing the gifts of Sacred Commerce and Emotional Alchemy with others.

Sacred commerce is not something you can check a box with – it is about your personal relationship with your work, and using your business as a feedback mechanism for your own personal growth. It’s hard to know which companies are sacred, but you can know yourself if you are relating to your commerce with sacredness.

Sacred commerce is about your relationship to yourself and your business as a spiritual individual. How are you using feedback from your business to improve your own spiritual growth? How are you using the power of your business to create positive spiritual impact in the world?

While some argue that running a business is inherently unspiritual, Rowan and Ayman explain that it’s not necessarily true. While in some respects it may be harder to cultivate spirituality while also running a business, practicing spirituality can also add a huge amount of benefit and power to your business!

Rowan and Ayman have written extensively on the topic of the merchant priesthood in Ancient Egypt. These high-ranking members of society were shamanistic businesspeople whose responsibility was to maintain peace and prosperity. Their use of meditation, emotional states and somatic awareness has inspired Rowan and Ayman’s modern technique of ’emotional alchemy.’

Emotional alchemy is the technique of using the energy of your emotions as if they are chemicals that you can combine to create even more powerful emotions. One example is combining the emotions of joy and courage to create passion – a third emotion that you may not have been feeling before, but can be created through this kind of experimentation.

Practicing emotional alchemy can give us a deeper understand of our emotions and how to cultivate them! In business, this can allow us to develop emotional states that can help to push projects past the finish line, or create new ideas and directions.

Ayman and Rowan also teach about ‘resonance causation.’ This builds upon the well-known ‘law of attraction,’ whereby we attract things to us through affirmations or openness. However, resonance causation states that it’s not enough to just express that you want things – you also have to be aware of what emotions you are sending out into the world (or resonating), and how those can hurt or hinder your goals.

In their courses, Rowan and Ayman teach these principles and more, helping people to deeply understand their emotions, discover their inner beauty and value, learn how to practice resonance causation, and develop meaningful sacred business partnerships.

In this interview, you will discover:

  • What the Merchant Priests of Ancient Egypt knew
  • The keys to achieving emotional mastery as a Modern Merchant Priest or Priestess
  • The difference between Resonance Causation & the Law of Attraction
  • The principles of Sacred Commerce

About Ayman Sawaf and Rowan Gabrielle

After 25 years of building innovative and disruptive companies all over the world in the realm of education, media, and commerce, they are now passing on the baton to the next generations. Ayman and Rowan now do this through consulting, training, and incubating startup companies, building magical teams and thriving company cultures. Their goal is to create disruptive technologies and business models that are designed to revolutionize the fields of publishing, music, commerce, media, and philanthropy.

Where to find Ayman Sawaf and Rowan Gabrielle: | Facebook & Twitter: SacredCommerce

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