Top 5 Health Facts Of Consuming Weed

Did you know that weed is not only safer but even healthier than alcohol and tobacco?


Don’t take my word for it – that is what a recent study proved recently. It is one of the most important evidence that weed might be as “evil” as the official authorities have been claiming.

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Actually, just the fact that alcohol consumption is more dangerous and unhealthy than consuming weed is enough to make us ponder and wonder. Maybe it is time we reassess and evaluate how we consume these mind-altering substances and for what purposes.


Weed is not just safer to consume than tobacco, alcohol and other drugs – it is also one of the most healing plants known to mankind. Weed has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal properties as seen in Medical Daily  – but only recently are we discovering why, from a scientific point of view.


Are you curious to find out more? Here are the top 5 health facts of consuming weed…


Health Fact #1 – Weed Reverses Chronic Neurological Disorders


Due to its alkaloids (the chemical substances in weed which induces its health-promoting benefits), weed is one of the best alternative therapies for treating chronic neurological disorders.


Let’s take Parkinson’s diseases for example. A Med Page study proved that individuals who smoked weed (and suffered from Parkinson’s) greatly reduced the intensity of their symptoms (such as tremors or pain) as well as improving their sleep.


Alzheimer’s disease is another example of a chronic neurological disorder which can be successfully treated with weed. A study proved that weed consumption slows down the progression of this disease, which increases the patient’s’ quality of life dramatically. This is thought to happen because the alkaloids in weed stop the formation of amyloid plaques in the cortical neurons.


Multiple sclerosis is another serious chronic neurological disorder which can be effectively treated with weed. A study proved that smoking weed can ease the painful symptoms of this condition, while other treatments have failed. See reuters article here >>


Health Fact #2 – Weed Helps Reverse Cancer


Pop culture is full of testimonials of how weed can help cure cancer. Naturally, individuals are skeptical of these examples because it sounds too good to be true. However, there is a grain of truth to it.


Only recently studies have shown that CBD, one of weed’s alkaloids which has the positive health effects, can stop cancerous cells from spreading. This is thought to happen due to the fact that CBD stops the activation of a gene called Id-1 which would otherwise encourage the cancerous cells to replicate and spread even more.


Weed is also a great adjuvant therapy for the patients who undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy. A study has shown that weed consumption eases pain and the feeling of nausea, as well as stimulating the patient’s’ appetite.


All in all, weed is a proven potent adjuvant treatment for cancer.


Health Fact #3 – Weed Aids In Managing Psychiatric Disorders


Weed is not just good for your body – it is great for your soul as well.


Weed consumption has been proven to help with various psychiatric disorders. However, not all weed alkaloids have the same beneficial effects. For example, THC (the alkaloid responsible for getting you “high”) may negatively impact some patients while CBD (another potent healing weed alkaloid) can help reverse the symptoms.


Take schizophrenia for example. Studies have shown the THC may induce psychosis while CBD may alleviate it


Other “milder” psychiatric conditions have been shown to be effectively treated with the use of weed (or its products), such as depression and anxiety.



Health Fact #4 – Weed Consumption Is Anti-Inflammatory


The health benefits of weed can be traced down to its containing alkaloids. These tiny substances are so healing due to their potent anti-inflammatory properties.


This means that weed is also very effective in treating chronic health issues which occur due to high inflammation levels in the body.


Such disorders include autoimmune disorders, digestive diseases and so on.


Let’s take inflammatory bowel diseases for example – a group of diseases which are very hard to treat and greatly diminish the quality of life of their patients. A study has shown that weed consumption can be of tremendous help in lowering the intensity of the symptoms of patients suffering from Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.


This is truly a “big deal” considering that most traditional treatments fail to deliver a long-term reliable relief from these disorders.


Another study proved that weed consumption can ease the pain and discomfort of arthritis, which is one of the many symptoms of autoimmune disorders. In this specific study, the patients were suffering from the disorder called rheumatoid arthritis.


Health Fact #5 – Weed Consumption Spurs Creativity


There are many other healing benefits of consuming weed, such as treating glaucoma, improving sleep quality and so on.


However, weed is also a fantastic adjuvant for spurring creativity levels and increasing

problem-solving skills.


For example, Psychology Today showed that participants who consumed weed improved their “verbal fluency”. Other effects are still being studied but researchers think that the positive mental effects happen due to the release of dopamine in the brain, which in turn increases the mental capacity and free association of the mind.


Thanks to the enhanced relaxation that you can enjoy while consuming weed, the brain is also encouraged to better process the situations you are going through and the information you are learning. There are countless examples of geniuses who had their breakthrough exactly in their most relaxing activities


As you can see, weed is not as “dangerous” or “unhealthy” as we have been led to think. Also, you don’t have to smoke it if you want to enjoy its tremendous benefits. You can also eat it or, better yet, enjoy its positive effects by using the concentrated forms of weed oils (especially CBD oil).


There is no need for you to commit illegal crimes either – CBD oil is legal and provides all the health benefits of weed without the potential legal side-effects.'

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