‘Vuela Con El Viento’ Music Video & Medicine Song Lyrics Featuring Ayla Schafer


We wanted to share this truly STUNNING video release – of one of the most cherished medicine songs of our times, produced and sung by none other than our dear friend, Ayla Schafer.

Ayla’s voice, lyrics, syllables, and beautifully soothing and healing tones have blessed and caressed the hearts of many a family around the world. And this is simply a perfect demonstration of the sheer power of somebody who has owned and honed their underlying soul purpose here on Earth, delivering it fearlessly, elegantly and extremely powerfully to the world.

We present to you ‘Vuela Con El Viento’, or ‘Fly With the Wind’ – a song of adoration, prayer, gratitude, and healing. Please take the few minutes required to really dedicate your full attention to this one; we’re quite sure it will move mountains for you!

‘Vuela Con El Viento’ Letras en Español

For those wishing to sing along, or even if you wish to learn to play this for yourself, here are the song lyrics to accompany:

Llévame con tus alas de luz

Águila, trae tus medicinas

Del viento, del aire, de las estrellas, del sol

Brillando, me guía el camino (x2)


Cura, cura, cura cúrame

Sana todo lo que yo llevo,

Agradezco por mi vida,

Pachamama, yo te amo (x2)

Llévame con tus alas de amor,

Condorcito trae tus medicinas,

Del cielo, ilumina mi interior,

Volando me enseña el camino (x2)


Vuela Con El Viento (x4)

‘Vuela Con El Viento’ Song Lyrics in English

Carry me with your wings of light,

Eagle bring us your medicines,

Of the wind, of the air, of the stars, of the sun,

Shining, you guide my path (x2)


Cure, cure, cure, cure me

Heal everything I carry,

I give gratitude for my life,

Mother Earth [Pachamama] I love you (x2)

Carry me with your wings of love,

Condor bring us your medicine,
Of the sky, illuminate me inside,
Flying, you show me the way (x2)


Fly With The Wind (x4)

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This collection of live, acoustic and experimental songs is an offering of love and gratitude to our blessed ‘Ima Adama’ (Mother Earth). It is a way that Ayla can give more through her music as an offering and prayer to take care of our Earth, home and Mother.
Ayla felt moved to make a step to give more through her music as an offering and prayer to take care of our Earth, home and Mother. This is her taking her heart prayer into action towards taking care of that which matters to her.

25% of all proceeds will go towards the ‘The Pachamama Alliance’; an organization that is weaving indigenous wisdom and modern knowledge for a thriving and sustainable future. They work to empower indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest to preserve their lands and culture and, using insight from that work, to educate and inspire individuals everywhere to bring forth a thriving, just and sustainable future.

Many people have been asking Ayla after her concerts how they can listen to what they directly heard during that evening as there are many new songs that she shares now. So this CD is a way of sharing with you what feels for Ayla more authentic to her present creative expression. It is also a way you can have a very real and live experience with Ayla’s voice and songs.

These songs are fresh, naked, live and mostly just Ayla with her guitar.

The ten selections are rapturous, sincere and mostly feature guitar and Schafer’s pure voice.

About Ayla Schafer

Ayla is a multi-lingual ‘world folk’ singer-songwriter and a visionary musical artist weaving together a stunning repertoire of original poetic songs with traditional and tribal music from across South and North America.

With a growing presence, she is a powerful voice in the world of ‘ceremonial/medicine music’ and the rising global community of people who are committed to residing in harmony with the Earth. Ayla’s music has taken her around the world with her live performances that provide a sacred, intimate, heart-opening space for all who are present. This artist sings the song of the spirit and embodies the tales she tells, expressing a music that reverberates with deep heart, wisdom, and soul. To experience the essence of this young songstress is to be taken down a musical journey that ultimately leads us back to the very core of our own inner existence.

Where to Find Ayla Schafer

If you feel drawn to find out more about this beautiful human being and her astounding musical offerings, here’s where you can find her:

Ayla Schafer’s Official Website

Likewise, if you feel you don’t even need to know more about her and you just know you need to hear more of her music, feel free to hit up her Bandcamp page where you’ll be able to purchase either one or all four of the albums she has produced to date.

Ayla Schafer on Bandcamp
Ayla Schafer on Soundcloud

Plentiful musical blessings for a beautiful day!


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