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Philippe Lewis, the Exquisite Lover, is a Sex & Intimacy Coach, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Trained Somatica Practitioner, and Epic Event Producer. For the last 18 years, he has been exploring relationships, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality with individuals and communities through teaching, writing, coaching and (sexy) events with the goal of growing men and women into better lovers and better humans. A Burner since 1998, Philippe shares veteran advice on being fully prepared for epic play on the Playa, and getting the most transformation out of transformational festivals for yourself as well as for your intimate relationships.

In this juicy episode, he will share practical advice on how to use the Playa as a transformational relationship playground. Get ready to discover:

  • [7:25] Why so many couples break up and friendships end at Burning Man.
  • [9:01] How to avoid common Playa pitfalls and ensure your relationship survives Burning Man
  • [13:54] What “CPR” is, and how to use it to change the world, change your life, and enhance your relationship.
  • [16:39] Creative ways you can use intention to add more magic to your Burn
  • [17:08] How to negotiate Playa boundaries with your lover…that include sexual encounters with other people.


Mentioned in this episode

Philippe’s 10 rules of Burning Man

  • Rule #1: You have to pee once in a while
  • Rule #2: Don’t step in it
  • Rule #3: It’s not about you
  • Rule #4: Unless it is about you
  • Rule #5: When the ship set sail, it set sail (about leaving camp and not going back)
  • Rule #6: No mo FOMO (stay in the moment and enjoy it)
  • Rule #7-8: Intentionally left blank (for you to fill)
  • Rule #9: Everyone should have their orgasm
  • Rule #10: It’s time to go

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