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In this episode, we welcome repeat guest, Shonagh Home. Shonagh Home is a magic mushroom healer, shamanic therapist, teacher, writer and poet. Through her work, Shonagh assists clients to break chronic, self-defeating patterns, and move into empowered personal sovereignty. She is an international public speaker on the subject of visionary shamanic-spirit medicine, a voice for stewardship of the honeybees, and a teacher on the subject of Traditional Foods. Her work delves into the deep layers of the soul in an effort to call up the hidden wisdom and ancestral magic that lies dormant in every man and woman. Her poetic translations from the nature realm endeavor to break the spell of forgetting and call us back to our true nature. In this episode, we hear how Shonagh discovered the healing power of mushrooms and discuss their benefits, as well as the precautions that need to be taken, when using magic mushrooms. We also learn more about the ancient teachings and ancient shamans of mushroom healing and the role of women Seers in today’s modern world. We also delve into the controversial topic of neo-shamanism and hear the most pressing message from the nature spirits today, in the voice of Shonagh’s stream-of-consciousness poetry.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • My experience at a three-day ecstatic dance style campout with magic mushrooms.
  • The life-changing guidance I received through fungal consciousness at this event.
  • Discover how Shonagh Home become a healer and shamanic practitioner.
  • The level of caution that needs to be exercised with magic mushrooms.
  • Shonagh’s book Love and Spirit Medicine that details her mushroom experiences.
  • Shonagh’s one year spent doing monthly deep immersions with mushrooms.
  • Discover more about ancient teachings in mushroom healing and rituals.
  • Neo-shamanism and working with indigenous medicines outside of indigenous context.
  • How can we discern between out of integrity shamanism and shamanism of integrity?
  • The role of the Seer and the medicine of the owl: Breaking patterns with magic mushrooms.
  • Is there a place for medicine women in today’s modern world?
  • Find out how we can use visionary mushrooms to wake the hell up!
  • What is the most pressing message from the nature spirits at this time.
  • Listen as Shonagh reads her healing poem “Stone Circle Whispers” live on the podcast.
  • And much more!

Art by Paula Duró


“Let us remember that there is no formal training in our western culture for this.” — Shonagh Home @entheonation [0:11:23.1]

“These are profound, powerful substances that have ability to infer incredible healing.” — Shonagh Home @entheonation [0:11:57.1]

“You cannot break a bad habit until you can see what it is you are doing.” — Shonagh Home @entheonation  [0:29:22.1]

“The medicine woman is desperately needed in today’s world.” — Shonagh Home @entheonation [0:30:10.1]

“The most pressing message is to get back to the natural cycles and honor nature.” — Shonagh Home @entheonation [0:35:23.1]

About Shonagh Home

Shonagh Home is an author, shamanic bridge, teacher and public speaker. Her offerings focus on the cultivation of our intrinsic abilities – intuition, creativity and multi-dimensional awareness. A woman of Celtic and North Germanic blood, she works with the mushroom in tandem with the nature spirits to reawaken the once treasured bond linking humankind, nature and the invisible realms. Her work with those in need is deeply probing and revelatory, breaking the spell and activating in the seeker an entirely new place of reference.

In addition, Shonagh is a beekeeper and apitherapist, administering bee venom therapy for a variety of illnesses such as MS and arthritis. She is a voice for the plight of the honeybees, offering a powerful solution in the form of Biodynamic farming and gardening, as put forth by Rudolf Steiner.

She is author of the books, Ix Chel Wisdom: 7 Teachings from the Mayan Sacred Feminine, Love and Spirit Medicine, and the upcoming, Honeybee Wisdom: A Modern Melissae Speaks.

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    This is where the Mayan people would visit the ancient temple in honor of Ixchel and walk through her portal. It still exists.

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