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Today’s episode is a conversation with Christina Pratt, founder of the Last Mask Center in Oregon and the host of the Why Shamanism Now Podcast. As an experienced healer and modern shaman, Christina is here to talk about her practice in the last thirty years and what has directed her path in life. We traverse a range of topics around shamanism and really glean Christina’s vast insight when it comes to qualifications, communications, responsibility and other points of importance. For Christina, the job of the shaman in today’s climate is to bridge paradigms. We live in a mostly globalized world with many outlets and tools at our disposal, and the ability to communicate with the spirits should be a respectful yet available option for anybody. She strongly believes in the responsibility with which a shaman is entrusted, but balances this with the personal aspects of spirit work, so that each person may find their own way to be a positive force. Christina has a wealth of wisdom to share so tune in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What led Christina to the path of Shamanism after a life of confusion.
  • The life changing experience that altered Christina’s path.
  • The influence of Christina’s upbringing on her interpretation of this experience.
  • Discussing the qualifications of spiritual leadership and shamanism.
  • Our birthright to a personal relationship with the spirit.
  • The open ended nature of the shamanic calling and work.
  • The arguments in the shamansphere that waste time instead versus creating positive change.
  • The shaman’s responsibility to the world or his / her community.
  • Changing the world through your everyday choices and actions.
  • The challenges that arise when shamanic practices are blended, cross-culturally.
  • Mediating your environment and communicating with helpful spirits.
  • The helpful spirit that we all have access to.
  • And much more!

Art by Luis Tamani


“I arrived accidentally and reluctantly. Like most westerners I did not have any schooling or education in how communicate with spirit directly.” — Christina Pratt [0:02:12.1]

“I just thought I’m being tested and I am failing. Which was kind of new experience for me.” — Christina Pratt [0:09:00.2]

About Christina Pratt

Shamanic healer, teacher, and author, Christina Pratt, opened the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing in New York in 1990. She has been serving clients on both coasts since then, opening the Center in Portland in 2001. Pratt, a teacher of exceptional clarity, humor, and inspiration, has taught at The Omega Institute, Rowe Center, Hollyhock, Breitenbush Hot Springs, and Sleeping Lady Retreat Center in addition to the workshops produced by Last Mask Center. She is a frequent and honored speaker for the American Holistic Medical Association and local salons. Pratt’s book, An Encyclopedia of Shamanism, was received with good reviews.

Pratt’s training began in 1986 amid a lifetime of dance. Her shamanic work is a synthesis of studies with Ecuadorian, Tibetan, Tamang, and African shamans, the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, the Center for Intuitive Energy Processing, and personal shamanic experience. Masks of Illusions and the Authentic Self was first offered in Hawaii in 1992. The Cycle of Transformation has continued each year since, providing opportunities for transformation and initiation.

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Art by Luis Tamani

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  1.' Jess on May 29, 2019 at 4:39 am

    Really love this episode! This speaks so much to me, as someone hoping to learn from the spirits in our daily environment, like Christina did in Manhatten. Also, I’m also thinking more about the responsibility for our descendent than just healing myself as my journey goes on.

    Great job Lorna! Greetings from Amsterdam, and hope to see you again!

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