The History & Politics of Psychedelic Research | Dr Richard Miller – EN02

Dr. Richard Miller hosts the weekly radio program Mind, Body Health and Politics, Founder and Chief Clinician of Cokenders Alcohol and Drug Program and the Founder of Wilbur Hot Springs Sanctuary for the Self.

Dr. Miller gives us more insight with our talk on his psychedelic studies. He couldn’t stress enough how important comprehensive studies are to the therapeutic uses of psychedelics and address the misconceptions. We lay the foundation on psychedelic knowledge by touching its history and the politics behind it. Together, we will dive into these topics:

  • [6:20] What drives Dr. Miller to study psychedelics
  • [10:02] The history of psychedelics prohibition
  • [12:23] Observations on mortality rates from alcohol and tobacco versus psychedelic drugs
  • [15:33] Theories why the study of psychedelics is suppressed
  • [20:39] Emerging psychedelics for therapeutic treatment
  • [20:06] Negative effects of psychedelics especially MDMA
  • [30:25] Cases when psychedelics and entheogenic substances in treating drug addiction
  • [42:12] Anecdotal examples of psychedelic benefits
  • [47:33] Life discoveries of Dr. Miller through his profound visionary experience
  • And much, much more!

Art by Alex Grey

Mentioned in the Episode:

LSD was found to dramatically increase activity and connectivity in the brain, leading researchers to speculate that this is what leads some users to report visual hallucinations and feelings of oneness with the Universe.


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