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Shonagh Home is a well-known author, shamanic practitioner, teacher, and public speaker. She has become the “feminine voice for the reverent shamanic use of psilocybin mushrooms”. Her book Love and Spirit Medicine archives and keeps track of her mystical journey and shamanic exploration into the heart of entheogenic mushrooms. She travels far and wide teaching and sharing her knowledge about the mushroom intelligence and all that she encounters in her journey with the mushroom spirits.

In this interview, she discusses how to communicate with the mushroom spirits and build a relationship with them. She also shares:

  • [6:12] Her initial experiences with nature spirits in the rainforest after taking plant medicines during ceremonies.
  • [10:29] Ways to protect yourself from negative spirits during plant medicine ceremonies.
  • [14:42] A beautiful encounter with Lady Sak K’uk (The Red Queen) in Palenque.
  • [16:30] The difference between venturing into the deep realms using plant medicines versus regular meditation.
  • [23:42] How peyote can be an effective medicine to treat addictions.
  • [25:41] The importance of appropriate opening and closing of every plant medicine ceremony.
  • and much, much more! Much more!

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  1.' Diane on June 10, 2020 at 10:08 am

    Wonderfull podcast!!! It is so amazing to listen this story of encounters with the plants and earth spirits. Shonagh describes with such details her journey with so particulars and impacting details. Thank you so much for sharing this, for your research in ancestral spiritual matters and shamanism. This gives us hope for our earth, humankind, and the future.

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