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EntheoNation practices Sacred Commerce and upholds the spirit of Ayni, or Sacred Reciprocity. We seek to collaborate with soul-aligned partners in the interest of raising awareness of the benefits of sacred medicines, the wisdom of indigenous traditions, and elevating the collective consciousness of the planet. There are many ways we can collaborate.

You Promote Us & Earn Commissions

We are so grateful for your willingness to share our work with your audience! EntheoNation has evergreen products as well as one time launches. Check this page for updates.

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Currently Promoting

Soul Purpose Vision Quest

Double Launch Extravaganza

Tuesday, August 08 to Friday, Sept. 7, 2018

Love Galactivation Online Cacao Ceremony

Love Galactivation is a global online cacao ceremony and medicine song concert celebrating the album launch of Birds in Paradise. EntheoNation and I.AM.LIFE are partnering to bring this love activating event to as many people as possible around the world.

Our vision is to inspire people to create their own cacao ceremonies at home, with their friends, while tuning into a 3-hour musical experience that will be live-streamed on September 8th 12:00 pm Pacific.

There are 2 ways you can support us:

  1. As a community ally. Community allies are thrilled to spread the word for this event, without expectation of affiliate commissions for their promotion efforts. and do not need to see clicks or optins. can share the destination URLs of our different promotional tools.
  2. As an official affiliate partner of EntheoNation. Love Galactivation is taking place right before EntheoNation launches Soul Purpose Vision Quest, a 12-week online program. If anyone you send to Love Galactivation chooses to invest in Vision Quest, as an official affiliate partner, you can earn $333 commissions for every student referred to the program.

In order to receive commissions, you must:

  • First, sign up as an EntheoNation affiliate partner, and
  • Promote Love Galactivation & Soul Purpose Vision Quest using the unique affiliate links you will be provided for every promotional item that is available.

As an affiliate, each promo tool that is available for launch promotion will have a unique affiliate tracking link that is generated just for you. In order to receive credit for traffic you send to the events, as well as sales, you must use the specific unique links that are provided.

PLEASE NOTE: Online ticket sales are split 50-50 between EntheoNation (to cover the cost of launch production) and I.AM.LIFE (to cover the cost of music production). There are no affiliate commissions for Love Galactivation ticket sales.

Thursday, November 29 to Friday, December 10, 2018

The Sacred Business Summit

An Online Symposium of Sacred Commerce & Light Leadership


Are you a Light Leader, Modern Wisdom Keeper, or Visionary Entrepreneur for whom your business is a spiritual path of awakening and a catalyst for humanity’s evolution? Do you long to make great money, while igniting a global movement of awakened entrepreneurship that transforms humanity and heals our culture?

Discover the most effective reality-bending spiritual techniques & abundance-attracting business strategies to amplify your sacred brand & elevate consciousness around the world. The Sacred Business summit will feature 40+ Masters of Manifestation, where they will share their wisdom and strategies on how they are evolving culture, raising consciousness and building wealth, by using their business as a powerful tool of awakening. Upgrade to access these inspiring lessons, real life case studies, and hands-on workshops on demand, so you can let their wisdom sink in and model their success as grow your awakened business in a time-frame that works for you.

In order to receive commissions, you must:

  • First, sign up as an EntheoNation affiliate partner, and
  • Promote The Sacred Business Summit using the unique affiliate links provided for every promotional item that is available.

As an affiliate, each promo tool that is available for launch promotion will have a unique affiliate tracking link that is generated just for you. In order to receive credit for traffic you send to the events, as well as sales, you must use the specific unique links that are provided.

Coming January 2019

Soul Purpose Vision Quest 12-Week Online Program

Dream Your Soul Purpose Into Being Through the Power of 9 Ancient Shamanic Rites


Are you a starseed, lightworker, modern shaman, or mystic, with a nagging sense of a higher purpose, who hears whispers of a sacred mission, but you have no idea what this is… and it’s driving you crazy?

Soul Purpose Vision Quest is an online mystery school for starseeds, lightworkers, spiritual visionaries, old souls, intuitives and seers, modern shamans and mystics, to clarify their divine calling and step into awakened leadership through 9 shamanic rites of initiation.


Earnings $333.30 – $450.00 per referred participant

“The program that Lorna has created is really extraordinary and I think it’s really unique compared to other things that are on the market. I, in particular have learned a lot from the branding information. I’ve really been able to refine the way that I present what I am doing in the world. “

~ Amy S.


March 2019

Medicine Tribe

A Year-long Online Integration Community for Medicine Tribe Run by Medicine Keepers


This program is currently being envisioned; we welcome your contribution and creative ideas. There is currently a need for an ongoing online integration community for people who have experienced sacred plant medicines, but who do not have the support of a living medicine community close to home. Many people return home from Peru or Brazil and find themselves in an unsupportive environment, where they are unable to talk to friends and family about their experiences, with difficulty re-adapting to urban, industrialized society after being in the jungle.



  • Partner with shamanic teachers who want to share their wisdom via a Masterclass, promote the free online class to their list and earn commissions on enrollments into the year-long Medicine Tribe Program
  • Partner with established medicine communities to offer online cacao ceremony & medicine song circle live stream events once a season
  • Monthly live calls on a variety of topics related to shamanism, indigenous wisdom, or visionary medicines
  • Leadership programming
  • Growing medicine song database, with songbooks and music players
  • Community activation – empower community leaders to host local song circles and cacao ceremony

Tuition: $555

30% Affiliate Commission

(Estimated Earnings $166.50 per referred participant)

Evergreen Programs


Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines

A Home-Study Program to Help You Access the Wisdom of Visionary States



Do you ever wish you had an ongoing relationship with a wise, and loving teacher who has your back for life, who you can call on or enter into deep spiritual communion with any time you need healing, guidance, insight, or body and soul-level purification?   


Spiritual Evolution with Sacred Plant Medicines is a 6-part online course designed to help you optimize the benefits of participating in sacred plant medicine ceremonies (while reducing harm) and cultivate an ongoing relationship with your Plant Teachers and Spirit Guides. Discover:


  • The main Master Plants & visionary medicines making their way around the world
  • How to identify which visionary medicine might be right for you?
  • Best practices on finding and vetting qualified plant medicine shamans, facilitators and retreat centers
  • The secret to bridging worlds and maintaining a sacred alliance with the Master Plant


Receive a framework for integrating plant medicine work you can rinse and repeat with every ceremony, so that you can harness the power of visionary states, evolve into your highest self, and fall madly in love with life.


Promotional Tools

  • Guide to Navigating Visionary States
  • 3 Spiritual Traps
  • Spiritual Evolution Sales Page


$97 24-Hour OTO / $197 Retail

50% Affiliate Commission

(Earnings $48.50 – $98.50 per referred participant)

“This was the perfect “formal” introductory course for me. I was largely unaware of several of the plant medicines I was introduced to. But more than that, there were ideas (benefits, cautions, things to watch for) that I was wholly ignorant of until I took this course. I feel much more confident to continue on this path now, and I have some key ideas to work with and toward that I did not before. Well written, concise, informative and yet lively and fun – I highly recommend this course as a great introduction for anyone considering working with shamanic practices that incorporate visionary plant medicines.”

~ Sue D.

The Modern Shaman Mystery School

A Virtual Gathering of 48 Experts on Shamanism, Sacred Plant Medicines & Psychedelics




The Modern Shaman Mystery School is an evergreen virtual summit with 48 experts sharing both modern and ancient wisdom on safe and responsible use of visionary medicines, in a complex, modern, industrialized world. Here are some of the sessions you can check out:


  • DMT, Ayahuasca & Paranormal Protection
  • Shamanism, Racism & Cultural Appropriation in a Multicultural World
  • Cannabis and Spirituality: The Revival of an Ancient Plant Spirit Ally
  • Sex, Sacred Medicine & the Psychedelic Patriarchy


Sign-up to access for FREE, for 24-hours, the latest ethnobotanical research on the therapeutic benefits of shamanic medicines, and receive practical shamanic tools to navigate visionary states of consciousness and multi-dimensional reality.


$97 24-Hour OTO / $297 Retail

50% Affiliate Commission

(Earnings $48.50 – $148.50 per referred participant)


“The Modern Shaman Mystery School offers an exceptional diversity of voices and practices no matter where you are on your path. At a time when the sheer number of learning options can be overwhelming for the modern shaman, this carefully curated summit brings the world’s magic and power traditions to you in a convenient format, and with immense heart. From practical nuts and bolts to diving into the mysterious depths, you’ll find an exceptional gathering of contemporary wisdom keepers and practitioners offering you potent medicines for the spirit, mind, and body. I was so very impressed and have seen the power of these teachings begin to move mountains in my life already.”

~ Kristin C.


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We Promote You

Retreats & Workshops

We get many inquiries from people seeking ceremonies and retreats. We do wish to direct seekers to safe, well-run retreats operated by experienced facilitators, in locales where such activities are permitted. For this reason, the retreat and ceremony experiences we endorse are typically located in Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, or Brazil.


Because the neo-shamanic world is unregulated, and it is impossible to visit every retreat center that offers sacred medicines, we do not recommend any facilitators or centers we have not personally vetted and / or experienced. Vetting involves at least two of the following criteria:


  • Lorna has been served by the facilitator herself
  • Lorna has vetted the work and background of the retreat operator, and has spoken directly to those who have been served by the facilitator
  • The retreat operator or facilitator is known to Lorna for a number of years and is considered a trusted member of her personal medicine community


If we refer any members of the EntheoNation tribe to a medicine retreat, we want them to be safe and well taken care of. If you are interested in making your retreat center known to the EntheoNation tribe, the first step is to arrange for Lorna to visit your center and experience the work that you do.


This typically looks like a 1 week visit, with food, accommodations, and ceremony included. What you will receive in return is an honest evaluation, and if the experience is positive and professional, we will include your events in our calendar and newsletter.


We ask that you be willing to offer a discount of $100-$150 to EntheoNation members, and offer a 10-15% referral fee to EntheoNation.


Psychedelic Conferences

EntheoNation is proud to sponsor psychedelic conferences around the world. Our basic Event Sponsorship Package includes:

  • One online calendar listing, which also appears on our home page. We have a form for you to fill out for your event listing.
  • Facebook event promotion to the EntheoNation Facebook page (140K fans) and group (2K members)
  • One newsletter announcement, if the timing coincides with an upcoming newsletter.


In return, we ask that you be willing to place a linking EntheoNation logo on your homepage in your event sponsor section, and offer a 10% discount to EntheoNation members using the coupon code ENTHEO.


We can offer more robust social media and email promotion for an additional advertising fee. Fee free to contact us directly with your inquiry.


Spiritual Programs & Online Courses

The EntheoNation audience loves online educational programs related to shamanism and psychedelics, however we rarely promote programs from course creators who we do not have a prior relationship with, or who are not recognized names in the shamanism or spirituality. A great way for us to get to know you is if you promote one of our programs or participate as a speaker in an upcoming shamanism summit.


Online programs that resonate with our audience include Shift Network and MindValley programs, so if you are a course creator who has been featured in these networks, we are willing to consider supporting your launch.


In return, we ask that you be willing to support one of our launches, and be willing to send reciprocal opt-ins (rather than clicks) to our offer.