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Your Soul Purpose

& Unleash

Your Sacred Brand

Hi I’m Lorna Liana!

As the creator of EntheoNation, a top-rated podcast about visionary medicines, and through my own personal work with sacred plant medicines that spans 15 years, I can say that I know the ayahuasca shamanism world pretty well, from the point of view of a seeker, and have good familiarity with many other visionary medicines that are making their way around the world.

While it is not my soul calling to pour medicine, and facilitate sacred ceremonies, I’ve participated in hundreds of ayahuasca rituals of wide-ranging caliber, with personal observations ranging from:

  • “These people have no idea what they are doing” to
  • “Did that married shaman really try to offer me an “anaconda massage”?
  • “This guy’s a Padrinho and he’s totally lost his shit… boy am I glad I didn’t drink his Daime” to
  • “I can’t believe I got out of that unscathed” to
  • “If I disappeared in this jungle, no one would know” to
  • “If I disappeared in this jungle, no one would know” to
  • “That ceremony traumatized me for months” to
  • “These people are top-notch shamans / facilitators and I’m honored to be part of their tribe”

I understand how important it is, and how difficult it can be, to vet qualified medicine facilitators and shamans. So I’ve done this for you!

By choosing only facilitators and centers run by people who I consider to be “Familia”, who I’ve sat with myself, and will continue to sit with, quite possibly, for the rest of my life.

Sacred Medicines for Specific Intentions

Be Lovingly Held in A Structured Container for Your Highest Transformation

Through partnerships with experienced facilitators, EntheoNation opens the portal to experience the gifts of different visionary medicines, in countries where their use is permitted, and even protected.

The experiences we curate are 3-month long intentional journeys where we meet online for 3 months to focus on a specific transformation, and spend 7-10 days in an exotic location in communion with one of the following medicines:

  • Ayahuasca
  • Bufo Alvarius (Sonoran Desert Toad)
  • Cannabis
  • Huachuma (San Pedro)
  • Kambô (Phyllomedusa bicolor)
  • Peyote
  • Psilocybin Mushrooms

Experiences might take place in a full-service retreat center, or take the form of a sacred pilgrimage route. Join our retreat mailing list to stay informed.

Receive Loving, Ongoing Integration Support

Be Lovingly Held in A Structured Container for Your Highest Transformation

Lack of integration support is a HUGE PROBLEM in the medicine community, with so many people being served powerful medicines, and then sent back home to their Western, industrialized societies.

Without any follow up, structured guidance, or support, they are left completely adrift on their own, with no idea how to incorporate the powerful insights received in a way that creates lasting positive transformation. This is why so many people who participate in ceremonies see no real change in their lives...or even end up in a worse emotional state than before they went into the ceremony.

For this reason, my retreats are 3-month programs that includes business training and shamanic initiations designed to help entrepreneurs and changemakers create a truly soul-aligned vocation that creates lasting positive impact in the world.

In addition to the 3-month work we will do together, you will also receive year-long membership in Medicine Tribe Online Integration Circle. Medicine tribe is a community of sacred plant medicine practitioners where you can receive integration support and join monthly calls with guest teachers, as well as access premium content in the vast Shamanic Wisdom Vault.

Furthermore, through my extensive shamanic network, experienced integration professionals are just one Skype call away if you find yourself in need of more specialized support, whether this might be from a licensed psychotherapist, addiction recovery therapist, or shamanic practitioner who is experienced in extractions and depossession.

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Access Profound Soul Purpose Clarity

Through the Deep Inner Work that Clears All that Does not Serve You & Aligns You to Your Greatness

Here’s what we will do together:

  • Purge all that does not serve you, so your true divine self has more space to shine
  • Explore the lessons of your past and rewrite self-limiting stories and beliefs into an empowering, hero’s odyssey
  • Clear the stories & voices that are not your own, that prevent you from getting the Soul Purpose clarity you so deeply crave.
  • Identify the core values and Universal values that make your soul sing, and cultivate an ongoing dialogue with your Higher Self.
  • Clarify the mission that has been calling you, through the language of your dreams and visions.

Unleash Your Inspired Message

Through Soul-Aligned Copywriting & Sacred Business Branding

  • Clarify your Soul Purpose and align it with your inspired message, sacred business model & transformational offerings.
  • Create your core message and write soul-aligned copy for your website, program names, sales funnels, and more. By crafting your message from a soul-aligned place you become magnetic to ideal fans, allies, prospects and clients!
  • Book your personal brand photoshoot, that captures your awakened essence (optional)

Are you an entrepreneur seeking a breakthrough or re-alignment with your soul
through the power of visionary medicine?

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