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3 Best Ways To Consume Cannabis

How do you consume Cannabis? Cannabis is an increasingly popular medicine which can be used not only medicinally but also for psychological and emotional release. There are more and more scientific studies showing that cannabis is a safe and effective cure for many modern ailments, including those for which pharmaceutical products have failed to soothe.…

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5 Powerful Healing Effects Of Weed

“Weed” is one of the most healing plants on our planet. For thousands of years cannabis has been used for treating various illnesses and health conditions. What is increasingly more known now is that cannabis is very effective in treating many modern chronic health issues, both physical as well as psychological / emotional. If you…

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7 Keys to Using Weed for Sacred Sex

Forget Viagra. Did you know that marijuana is one of the oldest known aphrodisiacs in the world? When you are high on weed, all your senses are heightened. Physical touch is amplified, massage feels amazing, oral sex feels exquisite…. and orgasms are out of this world. Face it, sex on weed with a stoner you…

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Should You Drink Ayahuasca Alone?

Ayahuasca is one of the strongest, wildly potent psychotropic substances in the multiverse. She can catapult any brave soul who gobbles down her tea into a tirade of terror so intensely convincing, death can feel like a blessing. There are a bazillion tales of massive breakdowns caused by Ayahuasca on the web, and yet many…

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The Fascinating History of Weed

history of weed

“Weed” is not just the smoking material most people think of. Weed is actually cannabis, which is one of the most versatile plants known to man. Don’t take my word for it – here’s what how the history of weed looks like… Weed in Ancient History There are numerous accounts of the use of cannabis…

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Top 5 Health Facts Of Consuming Weed

Did you know that weed is not only safer but even healthier than alcohol and tobacco?   Don’t take my word for it – that is what a recent study proved recently. It is one of the most important evidence that weed might be as “evil” as the official authorities have been claiming. See more at NCBI>>  …

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