The 3 Best Classic Changa Recipes

Changa is a modern invention: a smoking blend designed to mimic the effects of ayahuasca without you having to sit for an hours-long ceremony involving purging and nausea.

For a basic changa, you just need to combine extracted DMT (dimethyltryptamine) with a plant that contains MAOIs (monoamine oxidase inhibitors). Smoking this mixture then produces a psychedelic experience that’s longer than smoking pure DMT, because the MAOIs make it last longer in the body.

Because there are many plants that contain MAOIs, and countless plants that are pleasant to smoke, changa recipes can be nearly endless! Yet there are a few tried and tested recipes that make use of the unique combination of different psychoactive plants and smokable herbs, that we’ve compiled for you here.

Read our Seeker’s Guide to Changa for a more in-depth guide to changa!

What Every Changa Recipe Needs

All changa recipes will need an extraction of pure DMT, from a DMT-containing plant, which is then dissolved in solvent before being added to your smoking mixture.

For more detailed instructions on how to extract DMT from plants and make changa, click here for access to our free PDF guide!

It’s best to use isopropyl alcohol or pure acetone as your solvent in which to dissolve your pure DMT, to get the cleanest evaporation. Try to use as little solvent as possible – around 10ml for 250mg of DMT should be fine.

Use a shallow dish to dissolve your DMT into the solvent. This works fastest if your solvent is warm – but be very careful as it will be highly flammable! The safest way to warm your solvent is to use a container of hot water in which you can float your shallow dish containing the solvent.

As soon as your DMT has dissolved, you can add your changa plant mixture to the DMT solution and make sure the leaves get evenly soaked. Then, it’s just a matter of letting your changa mixture dry so that all the solvent evaporates and the DMT moves into the plants. It may take a few days for the mixture to totally dry.

To check that everything has worked, weigh your final mixture. If you added 250mg of DMT to a total of 1g of plant material, it should now weigh 1.25g.

Use this chart to determine how much DMT you should add to your plant mixture:

Now, you just need a recipe for the smoking mix you’ll be adding your DMT solution to! Here are three classic changa recipes that have been tried and tested… Each recipe creates 1g of plant material to which you just need to add your chosen dosage of DMT.

Recipe 1: Palmer Changa

This is the “original” changa recipe suggested by psychonaut Julian Palmer, who first coined the name “changa” and helped it become a popular substance in the psychedelic world.

This recipe is rich with MAOIs, to make sure the DMT experience is elongated. Passionflower and B. caapi, which contain MAOIs, also have psychedelic effects of their own!

Additionally, a combination of four different common smoking herbs helps to reduce the harshness of the smoke and add pleasant flavors to the mix.

To start, put together this smoking mixture of dried plants, ground up to your preference:

Then, add your dissolved DMT solution to this plant mixture and allow to completely dry.

Finally, add 50mg of calendula (used in some herbal smoking blends) and 50mg of blue lotus (which has mild sedative properties, and is available here) into the now dried smoking mixture, to complete the recipe. These are added later to preserve their color and texture.

Then, sit back, take a hit, and enjoy!

Recipe 2: Electric Sheep

This changa recipe makes use of the vibrant color and gentle sedation of blue lotus, with the dreamy buzz of Calea zacatechichi, to give a unique background electricity to your changa experience.

People have described electric sheep as being deeply indulgent, opening up new realms of exploration for people interested in meeting DMT entities.

First, mix together these dried plants, ground up as fine as you prefer for smoking:

Then mix in your DMT solution and wait for it to completely dry.

Finally, add 330mg of blue lotus (available here) – adding this last preserves its color and texture.

Then smoke, and enjoy!

Recipe 3: Ayahuasca Anaconda

This is a simple recipe designed to replicate a real ayahuasca experience. It uses chaliponga, one of the most common ayahuasca admixtures that contains DMT and 5-MeO-DMT; but you could also substitute this for other DMT-containing plants like Psychotria viridis or Mimosa hostilis.

This mixture also has a higher level of MAOIs than most changa blends – designed to really help you encounter the psychedelic experience of ayahuasca, which is highly influenced by the psychoactive effects of the B. caapi vine.

First, make up your plant mixture of these dried preparations:

Then add your chosen concentration of extracted DMT, make sure it dries fully in the plant mixture, then prepare to smoke!

How to Smoke Changa

Changa is a powerful psychedelic – so follow all the basic rules of responsible psychedelic use! Make sure you are well-prepared, and that your space is safe. Have a sober trip sitter with you for best results.

If you’re a newbie, start with small amounts of changa at first. Smoke the mixture in a bong, pipe, or joint. Some people may need several hits to start feeling the effects.

For more info, check out our Seeker’s Guide to Changa!

Storing Your Changa

Changa can be stored for many months, as long as it’s very dry. Make sure you store it in an airtight container. To check that it’s completely dry, take the lid off after a few days and see if you can smell any hint of solvent – if you can, it needs longer to dry before being sealed again.

Changa can be stored in any cool, dark place. It’s important that the temperature remains constant, which is why some people choose to store it in the fridge or freezer. If you’re storing it for longer than a few months, it’s probably best to freeze it to protect the DMT.

Experiment with these recipes!

Changa is an exciting psychedelic because the possibilities for plant combinations are endless!

Experiment with these recipes by substituting any plants with your favorites. If you substitute B. caapi for other MAOI-containing plants, keep in mind that different plants will have different concentrations of MAOIs, and you may need to slightly alter the amounts to keep MAOI content the same.

Infusing your alcohol for more flavor

If you want to add an extra special touch to your changa mix, you can even infuse the alcohol before you use it to dissolve your DMT, to impart extra flavors into the blend!

Simply stick some fragrant herbs or plants into a sealed container with your isopropyl alcohol or acetone, shake a few times, and leave for a few days in a cool, dark place. Shake the jar every day to make sure the flavors are infusing!

Herbs like lavender and mint are popular for flavoring your alcohol, to give a floral and fresh taste to your smoking mix. But you can also experiment with all sorts of flavors – like fruit, or even spices!

Once your infusion is ready, simply follow the normal steps for making changa – dissolve your DMT in your flavored alcohol and then mix your smoking blend into the solvent, and wait for it to dry. Hopefully you’ll end up with a uniquely flavored changa.

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