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Hemp Oil – Your Secret Weapon To Soothe Pain

Hemp oil might become your best friend if you are suffering from chronic pain.

This is not an under-statement and government medical studies are starting to confirm this, as you will discover shortly.

What Is Hemp Oil?


Hemp oil is a product of the plant called “Cannabis sativa”. Although it is the same plant from which marijuana, cannabis oil and other products are made, the plant has many subparts from which these products are being made.

Hemp oil is defined as any product from the plant “Cannabis Sativa” with a low enough concentration of THC. THC is the biochemical substance responsible for the mind-altering “high” that most people associate with consuming marijuana.

Hemp oil has very low amounts of THC (under 0.03%) – that is why hemp oil is legal and safe to use, as it will not trigger any psychoactive effects on the user.

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How Can Hemp Oil Help With Chronic Pain?


There are two types of hemp oil when we are discussing health benefits – there is the nutritional, food-like hemp seed oil which is basically the oil made from hemp seeds. Due to the fact that hemp seeds are super-foods in themselves, the seed oil produced from them will also provide most of their benefits.

However, this product is not created in mind to pack the biggest concentration of CBD, the “health-inducing” cannabinoids. CBD is a biochemical substance present in hemp which is responsible for improving the health and wellness of its users.

You probably heard about many folk stories of people healing themselves of anxiety, depression, cancer, OCD and many other “incurable” diseases by using “marijuana”. Well, you do not have to do something illegal in order to enjoy the same benefits.

Actually, there are more and more studies confirming that CBD, the biochemical substance present in hemp seed oil (only in trace amounts) and especially in CBD hemp oils, is one of the healthiest compounds known to the human body.

That is why it would be wise to purchase a specialized CBD hemp oil, which contains a higher concentration of CBD cannabinoids (those healthy biochemical substances) rather than a “normal” dose present in the nutritious, food-like hemp seed oil.

CBD Hemp Oil Alleviates Arthritis Pain

Recent studies have shown that cannabinoids can be used as novel anti-inflammatory drugs. This means that they will have a direct application for all inflammation-based health disorders, such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and many more.

CBD oil and medicinal grade hemp oil can be both ingested and used topically. Studies are now being done on unraveling exactly how these miracle compounds work in reducing pain and lowering inflammation, especially due to the fact that they seem to work where even the most hardcore pain medication would not work.

Edible forms can provide beneficial nutrition to an arthritis sufferer, while topical solutions containing CBD hemp oil can be especially soothing and healing.

Hemp oil is becoming a favorite product among massage therapists and other alternative healthcare professionals, such as acupuncture and magnetic therapy.

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CBD Hemp Oil Is Effective For Many Chronic Health Issues


As you could see, inflammation can be easily treated with CBD hemp oil. However, if you dig deeper, you realize that chronic inflammation is the root cause of most chronic health issues plaguing the modern world today.

For example, there are more and more studies linking the use of CBD hemp oil and anti-cancer effects. Even the American Association of Neurology has published a paper on the effectiveness of using CBD hemp oil for neurological disorders.

Governmental organizations are waking up slowly but surely to the enormous healing potential that CBD hemp oil can bring to people suffering from chronic health issues.

This means that not only arthritis can be effectively treated with CBD hemp oil… but also cancer, diabetes, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, OCD, alcoholism and most neurological disorders. Pain, spasms and seizures as well as many other unpleasant symptoms can be alleviated using CBD hemp oil, thanks to its healing cannabinoid compounds.

All this can be achieved without side effects, without lethargy, euphoria or mind-altering effects. There are currently more than 60 peer reviewed medical studies on medical marijuana and its vast applications.

Basically hemp is one of the healthiest plants in the world but we are still getting stuck up on the fact that, if processed in a certain way, it can have mind-altering effects.

If you are in chronic pain and you are tired of trying many “quick fixes” to no avail, then CBD hemp oil might be your best bet to soothe your pain and recover faster.

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    Can hemp oil help with recovery of a broken ankle. Or this this a pain relief for the pain I’m getting from a broken ankle.

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