DMT, Ayahuasca & Paranormal Protection with Julian Palmer

Well-known Australian psychonaut, author, and filmmaker Julian Palmer shares with Lorna details on how he came up with the smokable DMT blend called ‘changa,’ how he works with it and N,N-DMT, plus the tools he uses for protecting himself against paranormal intrusions while journeying.

Around 1999, Julian started getting deeply involved with psychedelics. After he experienced DMT, he became fascinated with the exotic, strange realms where this compound, often referred to as the ‘Spirit Molecule,’ can take people.

A Gentler High

By 2003-2004, while extracting DMT goo from locally endemic Acacia trees, he got the idea to combine this matter with other herbs. Eventually, Julian understood that this process would yield not only more easily smokable DMT-rich blends, but also ones that synergize the healing and aromatic effects of other plants such as mullein, skullcap, damiana, and, of course, B. caapi (the ayahuasca vine). Thus, ‘changa’ was born.

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Aside from the enhanced functionality of these mixtures when compared to smoking pure, crystal DMT, the idea of creating them was also inspired by ancestral Amazonian traditions of brewing the ayahuasca tea with a variety of plant admixtures, each of which adds to or modulates the aroma and/or effect of the brew.

With high doses of N,N-DMT, one can expose themselves to extremely intense, sometimes terrifying states of consciousness. While some tend to repeatedly go back to these spaces, Julian is of the belief that visiting them so many times doesn’t necessarily facilitate more insight. Furthermore, he argues that it can be psychologically damaging, traumatizing, or, at the least, distracting from a life in ordinary reality.

For this reason, he finds changa, as a more sub-breakthrough experience, ideal for those looking to have less stressful and alien DMT experiences, that are also easier and more naturally integrated into life.

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Undesirable Contacts

On the topic of troublesome interactions with malevolent entities, Julian advises those interested in ayahuasca and DMT to be prepared in case they happen during their journey. No matter how experienced or good the shaman or ceremony facilitator, there is always a chance of evil spirits attacking the journeyer, and having a few basic self defence tactics in place can be of tremendous help in those instances.

In the interview, Julian demonstrates a few of these techniques, such as sopla, a rapid air expulsion traditionally employed by Amazonian shamans; and torping, his own variant of high-pitched sound emission which, in his experience, are highly effective in warding off negative entities.

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Interestingly, Julian also proposes a wildly opposite strategy – defending against evil spirits with love. Watch the interview below to hear why this counterintuitive technique can sometimes be more fruitful than counterattacks.

In this interview, you will discover:

  • What is “changa” and how is it different from N,N-DMT, ayahuasca, and 5-MeO DMT, the venom of the Sonoran Desert Toad (Bufo Alvarius)
  • How to perform two powerful protection techniques to protect yourself from malevolent forces when in entheogenic states of consciousness
  • Practical ways to connect with plants as spiritual allies on a day-to-day basis
  • Some benefits that non-traditional approaches of working with sacred medicines offer

About Julian

Julian was born in country North East Victoria in Australia, where his father worked as an agricultural journalist and editor. In his early 20’s, he started exploring many forms of spiritual inquiry, and, after moving to the far north coast of NSW at 24, he quickly got seriously into psychedelics. Since that time, he hasn’t stopped exploring and learning about them and the states they could catalyze.

He has facilitated experiences and spoken at conferences in Australia and overseas over the last 15 years, and has authored the book Articulations: On The Utilisation and Meanings of Psychedelics, his life work (at least to this point) in which he sums up about everything he wanted to say about psychedelics. His next projects involve creating innovate film erotica and exploring indigenous psychoactive plants that are unknown to the western mind.

Julian is also the inventor of changa – sometimes called ‘smokable ayahuasca,’ and its introducer to the Western recreational psychedelic use culture.

Where to Find Julian Palmer:

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