Culture & Spirituality

Culture & Spirituality are in many ways intertwined. A culture is a matter of how we think the world ‘works.’ Coming into play here is language, knowledge, beliefs, assumptions, principles and values. Culture shapes the way in which we see the world, and how we view ourselves within the world.

Spirituality is profoundly intuitive. But it is not always consciously expressed. It is about the intuitive way in which we feel connectedness to the world in which we live. The most common cultural representation of spirituality is religion, a predominantly institutionalised and structured system of beliefs and rituals that form the channels of worship of the religion’s supernatural god, or gods.

Psychedelics and plant medicines influence both culture and spirituality in many ways; from giving us new perspectives about our purpose in life, to changing the ways we appreciate art and music.

‘Machi’ Music Video & Medicine Song Lyrics by Peia Luzzi

I had the great honor of experiencing the angelic voice of Peia Luzzi, guiding us like a beacon of divine light across multiple dimensions, during a week-long ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica. This song ‘Machi’ was my favorite in her repertoire, and so I’ve been listening to it over and over in an OCD kind…

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What Is Shamanic Sound Healing?

Music and sound are powerful medicines. The use of sound for healing has a long and varied history. Long before the discovery of modern medical equipment and drugs, ancient civilizations used different techniques to heal various ailments, and one of those techniques was the use of sound. In ancient Egypt, for example, around 4000 BC,…

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High Vibe Medicine Songs to Activate Love & Joy

Medicine songs are any music shared with the intention of being medicine for the mind, body, and soul. Medicine songs are created from, intended, or appropriate, for a ceremony, and are shared to support the intention of the ceremony, as well as the call in specific energies as well as spirits to a ceremonial circle. Medicine song…

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We Need to Talk About Your Issues with Shamanism, Ayahuasca & Money

We need to talk to you about your money issues around ayahuasca, sacred plant medicines and spirituality… Yes, I said YOUR money issues. Did I trigger something? Ya, I know it’s a controversial topic that gives enough people hulk rage to send me offensive emails, as well as nicely worded emails admonishing me for my…

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Ground Your Vision Into Inspired Action

The Soul Is The Window to the Eyes Original Artwork by Chor Boogie What do you most want for yourself in life? Do you know what the most powerful thing you can do to make this vision a reality? Taking consistent, inspired, daily action. This steady drumbeat of inspired action tells the Universe you are…

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Manifest Faster Through the Power of Alignment

Do you wish you could manifest the things you deeply desire in life, more quickly? And most importantly, with ease and grace? Have you ever felt that there were times when all you had to do was think of something you wished for, and it showed up in your life as if you placed a…

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Clarify Your Soul Vision & Reveal Your Soul Purpose

Do you ever receive scenes, messages or whispers in your visions and dreams indicating that you came to this planet to accomplish something bigger than yourself? To be part of a big mission, working with other soul-aligned people to accomplish meaningful and positive goal? If so, you are in the right place. Whether it’s to…

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